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Sync by 50 headphones now up for pre-order
It seems musician 50 Cent’s Sync by 50 headphones are now up for pre-order from select retailers. Following the footsteps of many other musicians and celebrities who have come up with their own line of headphones in the past, the Sync by 50 will be offered in three different models, two of which are headphones and the last being an in-ear headphone.

V-MODA True Blood MAKER headphones are limited edition
We’ve previously covered the V-MODA True Blood headphones awhile ago, and I guess it’s been doing pretty well since V-MODA has just announced the launch of the limited edition version of the HBO series-inspired audio accessory. Called the True Blood MAKER, the limited edition Zinc Metal in-ear headphones will feature a slightly different styling compared to the original headphones. The sound quality will remain the same though, featuring V-MODA’s trademark […]

Klipsch S4a in-ear headphones for Android
iPhone users may be familiar with Klipsch’s S4i in-ear headphones, but now it looks like Klipsch will be spreading the love to Android users with the rather appropriate named S4a in-ear headphones.

Urbanears launches Fall/Winter collection of headphones
When it comes to adjectives like bright, cheery and colorful, Spring usually pops into mind, but that did not stop Urbanears from releasing their 2011 Fall/Winter collection of headphones and in-ear headphones in a variety of bright and fun colors.


iLuv iEP322 City Lights in-ear headphones
iLuv knows that they have quite a presence in the iDevice accessory market, and they intend to take that momentum further with another release known as the iEP322 City Lights in-ear headphones. Headphones are very personal items, and most folks won’t switch from over-the-ear models to in-ear versions just like that, but for folks who prefer the latter category, check out what iLuv has on offer. Coming in seven brilliant […]

V-MODA REVAMP in-ear headphones are fit for a king
V-MODA knows that customers don’t mind forking out extra for quality these days, which is why they have released the REVAMP in-ear headphones as part of the True Blood range that was developed in partnership with HBO. Using an aircraft-grade aluminum silver bullet microphone, it will also double up as a necklace pendant. You will find subtle Japanese symbols of the Tru Blood beverage that can be caught on the […]

AKG K3003 Stainless Steel In-Ear Headphones Will Cost You 1,000 Euros
If you have 1,000 Euros ($1,435) to spare, perhaps these AKG in-ear headphones is something to spend that money on. Admittedly when it comes to audio products, AKG does a pretty decent job at producing good quality devices, but for 1,000 Euros, what will you be getting yourself into?

V-MODA announces Remix Audio fashion-forward in-ear headphones
V-MODA has just announced its latest range of Remix Audio fashion-forward in-ear headphones that are touted to offer unrivaled audio performance, making it perfect for audiophiles who do not want to compromise on their music quality wherever they are. Remix Audio is a completely redesigned version of the company’s original in-ear headphones, where it offers a remastered driver, redesigned soft silicone fittings that enhance ergonomic and audio performance, an all-metal […]

Sleek Audio turns on the style with SA7 in-ear headphones
Sleek Audio knows that having substance without style is not very ideal when it comes to consumer electronics, and hence has cranked up the style-o-meter with their SA7 in-ear headphones that feature an user-adjustable VQ system for adjusting treble and bass, alongside a body which is machined from a single block of aluminum with a carbon fiber shell attached with titanium screws. Within the body lies dual balanced armature transducers […]

Yamaha EPH-50 in-ear headphones
Yamaha has rolled out its first pair of in-ear headphones for the masses, thanks to the EPH-50. This is touted to be a pseudo-audiophile model that comes with 13.6mm (0.53in) drivers, an overall tougher build as well as a 0.25″ adapter for home stereos. Apart from that, there is also the EPH-30 which is the mainstream entrant with 9mm (0.35in) drivers and a more conventional build, while the EPH-20 will […]

Monster Miles Davis Tribute high-performance in-ear headphones
Monster needs no introduction as a company as they deal with high quality audio equipment to give you the best sound possible. This has led them to release the Miles Davis Tribute high-performance in-ear headphones, where it will come in a individually numbered limited edition. Apart from that, new owners of this headphones can also enjoy the official 50th Anniversary boxed set of the artist’s seminal album Kind of Blue, […]