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ARCHOS has just announced two new Android devices for the home – the ARCHOS 35 Home Connect, an Android-based web radio and the ARCHOS 35 Smart Home Phone, an Android DECT Phone. In addition to functioning like regular web radios and home phones, the devices can also work like regular Android devices meaning you’ll have access to apps, themes, and so on. Talk about customizing your home appliances to match the furniture.

The ARCHOS 35 Home Connect is touted as the perfect Android device for streaming radio and music anywhere in the house. Using WiFi to connect to the internet, the ARCHOS 35 Home Connect lets you tune in to over 50,000 web radio stations or play your favorite music stored locally with the preloaded TuneIn app (or just download your favorite player online if you prefer something else). It also comes preloaded with an alarm clock app that gives you weather, traffic and news info, and features multiple alarms. The radio also comes with a front facing camera which will allow you to make video calls or even use it as a baby monitor/surveillance camera. An extra-long lasting battery keeps the device juiced and pumps music out its bass-heavy, dual high-definition speakers.

The ARCHOS 35 Home Connect will be available at the end of September 2011 with an RRP of $149.ARCHOS 35 Smart Home Phone

Next up, we have the ARCHOS 35 Smart Home Phone, a DECT phone that does so much more than answer calls. This Smart Home Phone is powered by Android, which basically makes it a regular Android smartphone that makes calls through your landline instead of a 3G/4G connection. Since it is powered by Android,  and has a touchscreen display, you can assign pictures to contacts (for easy identification), use MP3s for ring tones, and even use your favorite contact list app if you’re not a fan of the default one that comes with the phone. You can even play games when you’re bored, surf the net, check your emails, and make video calls with the ARCHOS 35 Smart Home Phone.

The best part about the device? It works with any ADSL box or phone line using standard DECT protocols. The ARCHOS 35 Smart Home Phone will also be available at the end of September 2011 with an RRP of $159.

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