Griffin Technology Beacon

We published about Beacon when the product was announced in January. The device, developed by Griffin Technology and Dijit media, is now available in the Apple store (since June 15) for $79.99.The Beacon converts the Bluetooth signals of your iPhone into a infra red signals used to control various AV devices, you will need to download the free Dijit app to remote control your TV, VCR, set-top box, sound system, media player… check out the user interface in the full post.

Today, Dijit Media hired two new executives: Jeremy Toeman, Chief Product Officer, and Adam Burg, Vice President of Business Development. Prior to join Dijit Media, both co-founded (2006) Stage Two, a strategic product consultancy and marketing firm, that helped develop, market and launch high profile tech products such as Boxee, VUDU (acquired by Wal-mart), DivX, Clicker (acquired by CBS), NETGEAR,  and more. Given their brilliant track record, we can hope a bright future for the Beacon and the Dijit Media application.

Beacon Dijit app

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