If you happen to own the Dell Venue Pro, then you would be pleased to hear that the Windows Phone 7-powered handset will be receiving an update next month which will help fix up stability issues in addition to its speed. What makes the Dell Venue Pro special? Well, for starters, this is the only one of its kind in terms of hardware design for the Windows Phone 7 platform, sporting a portrait keyboard which will definitely appeal to BlackBerry users to make the jump. Still, good hardware doesn’t mean all is fine and dandy – there is still the software part which needs to be stable, and the upcoming update intends to fix that.


It seems that the update will introduce a measure of stability to the Venue Pro, solving many of the issues which tend to stem from problems with its microSD memory card. It is said that swapping out the card might be a possible fix, although you do run the risk of invalidating your phone’s warranty. Initial impressions of the fix has been positive to say the least, and while T-Mobile has yet to distribute it, Dell has been reported to place the code on some Venue Pros which arrived for service, and with the upgraded firmware inside, users claim the smartphone performs sweeter than ever before.

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