Elpida Memory and their subsidiary Akita Elpida Memory recently announced that they have managed to develop a technology that would allow them to mass-produce a four layer DRAM package that will only be 0.8 millimeters thick, a 20% reduction from the current 1.0mm four layer packages, which would allow more memory to be packed into mobile phones and tablets.

If you’ve ever wanted a thinner smartphone or tablet or you were hoping that your smartphone/tablet could pack more DRAM then this is great news because now phone manufacturers can make devices which would be able to pack more memory in, either or that we can start seeing even thinner smartphones and tablets which are not only thinner but also feature lower power consumption and low-voltage operation.

For those wondering this is pretty big news as Elpida is Japan’s only maker of dynamic random access memory (DRAM) chips who along with Korea’s Samsung are the two major suppliers of high-end mobile DRAM chips that are featured in a lot of our smartphones and tablets these days. The company is aiming to ship out the new chip packages come Q3 this year, although no word on who will be the first to pick up these new packages.

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