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Most companies have been geared towards marketing technology and their products to the younger generation: from kids to adults but most of the time they ignore the elderly. Well that’s where Independa comes in. The company has been creating products to enrich the lives of the elderly all this while, and it has recently announced the launch of a new product called Angela – a tablet app designed for the elderly.

Angela expands on Independa’s existing services like Dashboard, Smart Reminders and Life Stories, with a useful interface that’s easy and intuitive for elderly people to use. Large fonts, brighter and higher contrast colors ensure that they won’t have trouble navigating the app to launch one-touch video chats, email, internet, Facebook, games and puzzles and more.

You might ask – what’s the point of Angela? Well, it will allow eldely folks who are staying away from their families the opportunity to easily keep in touch so they won’t be so isolated and lonely. Elderly users won’t have to learn how to operate a computer to do things that are normally done on a computer. They’ll be able to perform tasks like video call, email, log on to Facebook and more with a few taps on the tablet’s screen.

Angela will be available for beta testing July 1 and generally available in September. After the beta period, the software will be available for month subscription. Tablet pricing is yet to be determined, but they will come in sizes of either 10″ or 22″. Stay tuned for more details. Visit the official Independa website.

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