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Woman Continues Gaming After Giving Birth In Cybercafe
Some folks are just plain addicted when it comes to computer gaming, as we have brought you cases where a Chinese gamer actually spent half a dozen years at an internet cafe, now how about that for “dedication”? This time around, we have another story that would definitely turn heads – apparently, in an internet cafe in Shandong, China, a woman gamer actually gave birth to a daughter, before she […]

SociBot Mini Predicts Emotions, “Wears” Human Faces
It goes without saying that the modern day computer interface has come a long way from the humble days of the typewriter, and a possible area to explore in the future could be social hardware – the software’s already in place with the likes of Twitter and Facebook. This potential niche could be filled by the SociBot Mini, where it was specially designed to stand at 60cm in height, with […]

The Offline Glass Wants Us To Put Our Smartphones Down
The Offline Glass from Mauricio Perussi on Vimeo.With most of us being addicted to our phones, even when we’re out with friends we’re still constantly checking our messages, emails, social media, and so on, which kind of defeats the point of being at a social gathering to begin with, right? In fact it’s hard to imagine what we did back in the day when we didn’t have phones and tablets […]

Jelly Social Search App
Now here is a spanking new app from Twitter’s co-founder known as Jelly, where the Jelly app will be able to deliver an answer to your question, although it will retrieve such an answer from your friends. Biz Stone announced the launch of Jelly, a new kind of startup which has been operating in stealth mode for approximately a year. This particular mobile app is available on both iOS as […]


Facebook "comment editing" reportedly rolling out
Facebook users can now reportedly rewrite their wrongs in their comments. Sources from the web are saying that the social networking giant is lifting up the nearly 30-second editing limit on its comments. Well, in case you haven’t noticed it before, Facebook users are only able to edit their comments within approximately 30 seconds after posting it. Some users said that clicking the “x” button will cause an editing box […]

Motokey Launches in Canada Next week
Although none of the social-phones optimized for social network usage has been a huge commercial success (yet), companies are pressing on and are trying different form-factor. The Motokey has been spotted several times in the past few weeks, but today’s news is that it is set to launch in Canada next week.A closer look at the specifications reveal that this is not a phone for power users: it has a […]

NYPD forms new social media unit
Love all things computers, and you live, breathe and eat social networking? Then the NYPD might be your future workplace if you’re still studying, as the New York Police Department (NYPD) gets on with the times by forking a spanking new social media unit that has its work cut out for them. This new unit intends to track potential troublemakers who actually are silly enough to announce plans or brag […]

Google+ ads on Facebook banned
Many years from now, when your kids have all grown up and shipped off to university, keeping in touch with you with the spawn of Twitter, you will be chatting with the rest of your mates about how the social networking landscape was like two decades ago. You will surely remember how Facebook made one of the world’s youngest billionaire, as well as the explosive battle between two titans – […]

Independa Angela: optimizing tablets for the elderly
Most companies have been geared towards marketing technology and their products to the younger generation: from kids to adults but most of the time they ignore the elderly. Well that’s where Independa comes in. The company has been creating products to enrich the lives of the elderly all this while, and it has recently announced the launch of a new product called Angela – a tablet app designed for the […]

Nock Nock lets users find out where the cool kids are
In today’s smartphone world, everybody seems okay with sharing with the whole world where they are. Services like Foursquare, Facebook Places and so on, broadcast to everybody where a certain user is and easily allows people to make use of such information. One such use of location data is this new service called Nock Nock.

RockMelt coming to iOS in the future (updated)
RockMelt, the web browser with deeply integrated social networking functions that was recently entered public beta last month will be making its way to an iOS device near you in the future. RockMelt has revealed that the RockMelt browser is waiting for approval from Apple and should be available on the App Store by the end of the week.RockMelt for iOS will bring most of the aspects of the desktop […]

Google introduces the +1 button
It looks like Google has begun to realize the power of crowd-sourcing data and has updated their search engine to reflect that. Users now have the ability to “like” a result by hitting the +1 link on a search result or ad to say that they found it useful. If the link was recommended by a friend, his/her name will even show up at the bottom, to let you know […]

Google +1, Going From Relevancy to Popularity?
Google has announced that it is +1 Button, a way to let user put their “stamp of approval” on search results – for their friends and Google contacts to see, and for Google to analyze.  At this time, and probably for the foreseeable future, Facebook users won’t be able to participate to the search. That’s understandable, as Google would rather not help Facebook in any way. At the same time, […]

BabbleOn brings voice messages to Facebook
If text isn’t expressive enough for you and you’re too camera shy to record video messages to post on Facebook, BabbleOn might be what you need. BabbleOn Technologies has just launched a new app that allows users to record and post voice messages on both and Facebook. Fully integrating itself with the social network, all users have to do is log in with their Facebook account to get started. […]