Own an Xbox 360? If you have answered in the affirmative, then rest assured that surely you would have at least given the Kinect accessory a go at a store beforehand, if not at a friend’s place. While there has been many interesting things that have happened since the advent of Kinect, with homebrew hacks being the most common (and impressive), a recent Inside Xbox episode did show how Kinect’s head tracking capability is pushed to the limit when used in tandem with Forza 4.

The video did demonstrate how that works with Forza 4, where it seemed to run quite smoothly compared to Gran Turismo 5 with a PlayStation Eye. No idea on just which other titles will be using a similar feature, but hopefully E3 next week will shed more light on the situation.

The next thing you know, there will be a headbanging competition over on Xbox Live, where the Kinect will track just how many times you can shake that noggin’ of yours to hit a world record while you have heavy metal music playing in the background. Some gamers have said that head tracking is best enjoyed or experienced with three displays, having just one throws your orientation out of whack. What do you think?

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