Would you be surprised if you found out that more people use their phones for WiFi access rather than their PCs? If you’re not I can’t blame you because frankly speaking, nowadays everyone’s smartphone can do most of the basic functions of a computer, for example edit documents, check/reply/send emails, instant message, upload photos, check on social networking sites, browse the web, etc, so unless you’re looking to run some Crysis 2 your phone pretty much does what you can do on the PC.

According to a survey by Meraki it seems that out of their sampling, a shocking 60% people access the web through their phones which was double of last’s year where only a third of the people they surveyed said they use their phones for mobile internet access. Offering free public WiFi is starting to become more and more common too and more public areas are offering up free WiFi, such as certain parks within New York City which was an initiative that was recently launched AT&T.

Compared to having to carry a computer around with you having a mobile phone is so much more convenient because it’s not an additional device you would have to take out with you, doesn’t matter if it’s a 11-inch MacBook Air, it’s still one more device you have to carry around with you, while your mobile phone probably just sits in your pocket or handbag, ready to fire up in an instant. Of course it’s probably not as comfortable as having a full keyboard or a nice big monitor to edit your documents/images but it’s the “price” we have to pay for convenience. Even Apple and Microsoft are starting to recognize this as we can see in the designs of OS X Lion and Windows 8 respectively.

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