The Motorola XOOM, while it isn’t exactly the best tablet in the market (far from it with its fair share of issues plaguing the device), has been quite the firm favorite in the homebrew community who not only develop their own apps for it, but have also decided to take more than just a peek underneath the hood to find out whether more performance can be tweaked from the device in order to push it to its limits – and beyond. While we have seen the XOOM touch 1.5GHz in February only to have that mark surpassed at 1.6GHz last month, here we are with a Motorola XOOM that has been overclocked to touch 1.7GHz. 

Of course, this is by no means a stable build, since the XDA-developers forum is abuzz with the fact that said tablet will reboot by itself if your circuits inside are not one of the more “fortunate” ones to be able to be pushed to such an extent. But if it could actually hold out, then you will be able to experience results such as 70 MFLOPS in Linpack, 1480ms runs in SunSpider, and Quadrant scores that will approach 5,000.

Just know that overclocking your device beyond the manufacturer’s specifications would definitely incur instability issues, not to mention void your warranty while draining far more battery life than expected.

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