We have unboxed the Motorola XOOM tablet and will be bringing you one of our more comprehensive reviews in due time, but we don’t think we will take our chances by overclocking it to 1.2GHz as what has already happened here. The XOOM is currently one of the fastest Android tablets on the market courtesy of the speedy 1GHz dual core NVIDIA Tegra processor that is capable of handling 3D graphics acceleration and HD video output with aplomb, but that isn’t enough for some as this developer decided to push his XOOM to touch 1.2GHz. Once the overclocking is done, the tablet managed to hit 40mflops on the Linpack benchmark, despite the fact that Linpack was designed to test performance of single core chips, so the actual figure is most probably differently. Of course, what are records for if it isn’t meant to be broken? XDA Developers forum member coolbh3000 managed to overclock the XOOM to hit 1.5GHz, now how about that?

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