Own a perfectly good Game Boy Advance SP (GBA SP) that works like a charm with your Pokemon cartridges? Well, thanks the folks over at Toy and Television Games who have just announced their flagship launch product, calling it the Nintendo Game Boy GBA SP Arcade Tabletop. Wait a minute here – isn’t the GBA SP supposed to be some sort of portable gaming device in the first place, so why is it being shackled of its freedom by being an arcade tabletop? Perhaps the answers can be found after the jump.

Inside this rather unique living room piece, you will find a GBA SP that has been permanently attached to an Acacia wood and American steel dock, where it consumed over 300 hours of someone’s life to design and build right from the ground up. Oh yeah, did we mention that an arcade joystick and buttons have been thrown into the mix as well?

The Nintendo Game Boy GBA SP Arcade Tabletop will retail for a rather hefty $399 which is far more than what you would pay for a brand new GBA SP back in the day. If these were to be commercially produced on a large scale, would you still bring one home?

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