Thin is in – otherwise there won’t be products like the Ultrabook announced, no? Take a look at the MacBook Air – that is one undeniably slim product, too, so why should battery cases be the exception? Of course, it is an engineering marvel to see the PhoneSuit Elite battery case for iPhone 4 revealed, since it would mean engineers having done a bang up job in cramming in as much capacity as possible into a battery this thin. 

The PhoneSuit Elite is touted to be the thinnest, fastest charging iPhone 4 battery case in the market, offering “over 100% power”. Now, we’re not too sure what do they mean by that, unless they are referring to doubling up your iPhone’s existing battery supply. Incorporating the latest in advanced technology that includes an efficient 2100mah lithium-ion polymer battery cell, this unique full protection case measures a mere 17mm (0.67 inch) thin.

With Quick Charge, it will offer you double the industry standard power output when juicing up a thirsty iPhone 4, taking less than 2 hours to do so. With an innovative 5 point LED battery meter, you should no longer have any more excuse that your iPhone 4 has no more battery. The PhoneSuit Elite will retail for $79.95 if you are interested.

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