Are you the sporty type of person? Well, if you are, do you mind recording all those adrenaline pumping moments so that you can show off to your descendants many years later as to the kind of crazy activities you were involved in during your younger days? The Replay XD1080 camcorder might just be able to do the trick, where it does seem to look more like a flashlight compared to your regular camcorder form factor. Of course, since it is meant to work in tandem with your rough and rumble lifestyle, it makes perfect sense for it to be waterproof and impact resistant.

Capable of recording in full HD resolution (hence the number in its name), it is also capable of recording in different resolutions such as 60 fps in 720p resolution. Apart from that, the Replay XD1080 camcorder will feature a 135-degree field of view which does not cause any distortion, and you can even shoot stills using a time-lapse mode with shots taken every 3, 5, 15, or 30 seconds.

An HDMI output allows you to view your action videos in full HD glory when connected to a compatible device, while the integrated microphone ought to do its job well in recording all those cuss words when you experience a spectacular fall. No idea on pricing, but the Replay XD1080 camcorder will be up for pre-order from tomorrow onwards.

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