Are you looking for a brand new smartphone? If the answer is in the affirmative, then would you be willing to look at Sony Ericsson’s way with their new Xperia Play smartphone? It seems that those who want to pick up a new account with a 2-year agreement will be able to purchase the phone for just one cent – yup, that’s right, you need not fret about whether you will have any more lunch money left over or even after purchasing a new phone.

It does make us wonder though – at such a super low price, nearly free actually, it tends to give off the impression that Sony Ericsson is not moving as many Xperia Play models as they would like, perhaps the platform itself isn’t that appealing, and people would prefer a more established portable gaming platform like the Sony PSP, Nintendo 3DS or even the iPhone/iPod touch. 

Other criteria for you to qualify for such a price would include signing up for a voice plan of at least $40 monthly, not to mention a monthly data plan of at least $30. Any takers?

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