When Sony first announced the PSP all those years ago, there were some skeptics who questioned whether Sony is able to fight on Nintendo’s turf and win. Well, after all of the dust had settled, history has shown that the market is big enough to accommodate both players without batting an eyelid, and fast forward to April 27th, 2011, Sony has announced that they have sold up to 70 million units of the PSP (in all iterations and generations) worldwide to date. This figure is achieved after just 6 years in the handheld market thereabouts, and has been a firm favorite with many gamers to boot. Of course, there were some failures such as the UMD movie format that never really took off, and it proved to be an unwielding portable media player, but as a gaming device, the huge screen and powerful processor brought a classic console-like experience to the portable arena.

Congratulations Sony, on the success of your PSP. Here’s to many more years of success on the gaming front, and thanks for keeping Nintendo on their toes so that they too, will improve and not slack – we gamers win out in the end. [Press Release]

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