There seems to be something new in the smartphone app scene all the time, and among the latest apps to be introduced would be one that will automatically tags photos on your behalf, now how about that? The system will work by taking advantage of the multiple sensors on a handset, including those of other handsets in the vicinity. Known as TagSense, the new app is the result of hard work from students from Duke University and the University of South Carolina (USC), where they say that “in our system, when you take a picture with a phone, at the same time it senses the people and the context by gathering information from all the other phones in the area.”

It is said that phones have many different kinds of sensors which one can take advantage of, considering they do a pretty good job collecting diverse information such as sound, movement, location and light. When all of that essential information are put together, the software will get about sensing the setting of a photograph and describing its attributes.

This might end up with a more accurate tagging of a particular photograph compared to just facial recognition alone. Those who are concerned about security issues would be relieved to know that TagSense will not request sensed data from nearby phones which do not belong to a particular group, hence protecting users’ privacy. Expect a commercial app to roll out in a few years’ time.

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