For those of you who find it difficult to wake up on time, especially when you have had a particularly rough night out, the WakeMate sleep helper might just be the thing to assist you in rolling out of bed. This device is not exactly new, but the manufacturer has taken a look at early problems plaguing it, hoping that with the introduction of new software features, it will offer a far improved performance level. The company behind the WakeMate sleep helper has reported better accuracy for the wristband battery meter, in addition to the ability of providing a deeper level of sleep analytics. Apart from that, customers are able to choose the option of purchasing a larger wristband just in case the original design is far too small to wear comfortably.


With an updated version of the mobile apps, you will be able to experienced a revamped user interface, letting you view all of your nights within a solitary table. If you happen to have the iPad version, you can enjoy split views for the alarm and data panels, alongside the ability to record multiple nights while away from a data connection.

Interested? The WakeMate motion-sensing wristband sleep helper will retail for $60 apiece.

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