A man’s got to have his own razor, just like how the ladies will need a handbag wherever they go. Well, with so many brands to choose from, just what is a man supposed to do? If you forgot your Father’s Day gift last weekend, it might not be too late just yet to buy dad the Zafirro Iridium razor that boasts of sapphire blades and a handle which is made primarily from iridium. As for iridium, this is touted to be one of the rarest and strongest metals in existence, and even better is it will last you for a decade – woe to you if your chambermaid actually throws it out by accident, thinking that this is actually a disposable razor. Imagine her horror when she realizes that she just threw out a hundred grand! 

There are only 99 of these being made at the moment, and apart from an effort in making sure it remains as an exclusive, that is because only iridium is extremely limited and the material used to craft the tool’s handle is extremely rare. In fact, it is ten times more rare than platinum.

The solid white sapphire blades ought to make short work of any 5 o’clock shadow, remaining extremely sharp even after uncountable shaves, while being of a hypoallergenic material and is impervious to oxidation and corrosion.

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