AngelMed Guardian SystemOne of the main reasons why heart attacks kill people is because of the long time it takes for a victim receiving the attack to the time that he/she gets medical assistance. Sometimes it’s because the victim doesn’t recognize that they’re having a heart attack, or he/she is unable to call out for assistance. This delay time could even be as long a few hours and usually by then it’s too late. The AngelMed Guardian System is designed to solve this problem.

The AngelMed Guardian System is an implantable cardiac monitor and an alerting system. It continuously monitors the heart’s electrical system, and provides a warning to go to the emergency room (ER) of a hospital when it detects something is wrong – possibly even before the heart attack.

By being able to detect an impending heart attack before it occurs, the AngelMed Guardian System can significantly reduce the chances of a heart attack being fatal. Because the patient gets and early warning, he/she can be rushed to the hospital for aid.

At the moment it’s undergoing a clinical study, and so far results have been positive. Find out more about the AngelMed Guardian System.

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