If you happen to own a Nook Color in your tablet collection, then might we interest you in the ability to dual boot your device? We guess dual booting appeals only to the extremely curious or folks who love tinkering with whatever they have, and for most of us who take the safe route, you would be more or less happy with whatever comes out of the box. Nook Color owners can dual-boot your slate thanks to the Nook2Android SD memory card which was specially developed for such a purpose. This means added convenience, as you no longer need to remove your Nook2Android card in order to return to the standard Nook OS.


The 8GB card will retail for $35 a pop, while those who want four times the amount of space will have to fork out nearly three times the amount – $95. Bear in mind that not all computers will recognize the card when you try to install it, and there is no fix to that conundrum just yet apart from using a different computer. 

Anyone given Nook2Android a go already?

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