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Dual boot with Nook2Android for the Nook Color
If you happen to own a Nook Color in your tablet collection, then might we interest you in the ability to dual boot your device? We guess dual booting appeals only to the extremely curious or folks who love tinkering with whatever they have, and for most of us who take the safe route, you would be more or less happy with whatever comes out of the box. Nook Color […]

ViewSonic ViewPad 10 gets Android update
The dual-operating system tablet from ViewSonic, the ViewPad 10 has just received an update that brings its outdated Android operating system from 1.5 to a not-so-outdated version 2.2. The tablet that gives users the best of both worlds – a mobile tablet experience with Android and a productive workspace with Windows 7, now has more features on its Android-side of the tablet. With the Froyo update, users will be able […]

Fujitsu F-07C: a dual-boot Windows 7/Symbian OS phone launching this year?
When you can’t decide on what operating system you’d like your phone to have, or you need the benefits of having more than one system – why not run two instead? And that’s what the folks at Fujitsu and Docomo seem to be thinking about recently. According to some rumors, Fujitsu has plans to launch a new phone called the F-07C – a tablet-like 4″ WSVGA device that runs on […]

HTC HD2 dual boots in Windows Phone 7 and Android
The HTC HD2 has been caught running on both Windows Phone 7 and Android in the past, although having both running simultaneously has never been achieved – not until now. Of course, we don’t mean that the two mobile operating systems run at the same time literally, but folks over at xda-developers managed to find out a way to install both Windows Phone 7 and Android on the HD2, running […]


OpeniBoot Will Potentially Bring Android, Linux to Dual-Boot on iPad
Similar to the Android on an iPhone hack that has allowed the original first-generation iPhone and iPhone 3G to get Android 2.2 Froyo loaded, developers are pooling together to get Android ported to the iPad tablet from Apple, allowing the iOS device to dual-boot into either the normal iOS environment or to the Android OS on an iPad. The move could potentially give iPad owners the benefits of Android–mainly the […]

ViewSonic ViewPad 100 dual boots
We know that ViewSonic’s ViewPad 100 is capable of dual booting, but with more details on the tablet device being revealed, the initial euphoria isn’t quite there any more. After all, having Android 1.6 running on it isn’t exactly going to excite anyone, despite the fact that you can always boot up Windows 7 as an alternative. We’re still trying to figure out how a dual booting tablet will fit […]

ViewSonic To Introduce Tablet That Dual Boots Windows And Android
Not everybody might want to have to make the decision of whether to run Windows 7 or Google’s Android OS when purchasing a device and the upcoming ViewSonic tablet might be a device that would satisfy folks from both camps. Word is that ViewSonic is planning to release a 10-inch tablet device that sports an Intel-based chipset that will allow users to dual-boot Windows and Android. Aside from that, the […]

T5353 HTC Diamond2 Clone From China Can Dual Boot Android And Windows Mobile
While cloned devices from China normally don’t offer too many exciting features, but the T5353 which looks very much like the HTC Diamond2 has a killer feature up its sleeve. We’re talking about its ability to dual boot Windows Mobile 6.5 and also Android 1.6, depending on the mood you’re in. That being said, considering the recent popularity of Google’s Android OS, it’s hard to imagine you wanting to run […]

Yuhua X2 smartphone comes with dual OS boot up
The Yuhua X2 smartphone is a handset that offers dual OS capability, letting you toss between Linux 2.6 as well as the Android operating systems. Of course, its hardware specifications are nothing much to shout about with 256MB ROM and 128MB RAM, which makes us wonder just how fast (or rather, slow) the performance would be like considering the complex and demanding nature of operating systems of today. Apart from […]

Acer Aspire One D260 Caught On Video
We brought your attention to the dual-booting Acer Aspire One D260 a few weeks back, and now a video showing the notebook in action has surfaced. As you probably already know, the D260 will be able to dual boot both Android and Windows, unfortunately Android wasn’t shown in the video (not that it’s not capable of doing so). Thanks to the latest information, we know that the D260 will be […]

Touch Max 2G dual boot handset
With computers being able to dual boot for some time already, how about smartphones? Trust a cloned handset to do this first – the Touch Max 2G is capable of running both Android and Windows Mobile operating systems, which is basically a HTC MAX 4G clone. While looking like HTC’s offering on the outside, internally you will find a 624MHZ Marvell PXA310 processor, a 3.2″ WQVGA display at 240 x […]

VIA MID does Windows XP and Android
So we’ve seen a device that runs on Windows CE and Android just a couple of posts back, but here’s another one that does Windows XP and Android simultaneously. The VIA MID will be powered by a 500MHz VIA processor, boasting telephony and messaging functions as well. IT seems one can just switch seamlessly to Android OS when you want to use the telephony and messaging functions.