When thinking of traveling to a foreign country that you’ve never been to before, attempting to locate a place to stay can be quite a daunting task as they are situated in places that you’ve never heard of before. In yet another move by Google to take over the world, they have launched a new service called Hotel Finder, in which they will attempt to Google-ize the way we search for hotels.

Unlike other hotel search portals which are cluttered with photos, check boxes, drop down menus and search forms, Google will be keeping true to their roots by providing a clean and simple interface that will get the job done. You can search and get results in list form, which can then be sorted by hotel class, user ratings, average price per night, and you can even compare how far above or below the current price is compared to the average price for the rest of year. You can even save some hotels as your favorites for viewing later on.

Since this is Google, it would not be surprising if some form of Google Maps came with the service as well, and they did not disappoint. It even comes with a selection tool that will allow you to select a particular area and searches for hotels within that area, so at least you know exactly how far you are from the beach or the city.

Unfortunately it looks like Google’s Hotel Finder is still in its experimental stages and is limited to just the US for now. The good news is that Google will expand the service to other countries should the experiment work out well. I don’t know about you, but I am quite excited as this should make sifting through endless hotel search results a thing of the past.

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