Google’s foray into the tablet market isn’t only limited to the Android operating system – no sir, as the Internet search giant has just announced that they have partnered with iRiver in rolling out the first e-reader device to date that has integrated Google eBookstore support. It is rather strange as to why Google decided to work with iRiver – the latter isn’t exactly a stellar performer when it comes to the world of e-book readers, and their range of portable media players hasn’t knocked the iPod off its lofty perch after all these years. Guess Google has their reasons that they only know then.

The iRiver Story HD does seem to resemble the first generation Amazon Kindle, albeit sporting bronze buttons instead. This device allows you to pick up books straight from the Google eBookstore, which is the first of its kind, as prior to this, you needed to purchase books from the Google eBookstore, followed by reading them later on your handset or tablet.

Google is proud to announce that their eBookstore has “hundreds of thousands” of eBooks, with more than 3 million free eBooks to boot. Expect the iRiver Story HD to retail for $139.99 as it arrives at store shelves later this July 17th onwards.

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