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iRiver Launches ON Smart Exercise Headset
It has been quite some time since we heard from the folks over at iRiver, and this time around, we have word that they have just rolled out what is deemed to be the first smart exercise headset in the world, namely, the iRiver ON. This is an intelligent headset that is said to be able to monitor one’s heart rate in a transparent manner. Apart from being able to […]

IRiver WOWTab: A Clone Of The Nexus 7?
IRiver has announced a 7-inch tablet for consumers in South Korea. IRiver is known for making multimedia devices and this seems its first step in the tablet market.  The device seems to be identical to the Google Nexus 7 tablet, both in terms of look and feel as well as pricing and specification.

iRiver Story HD has built-in Web browser
Yes sir, don’t look so surprised. Sometimes, hardware manufacturers tend to stash away an Easter egg somewhere just to tease users, and it is also a good marketing ploy since something like this will definitely stoke the interest of the purchasing public. The iRiver Story HD is one of those devices, sporting a Web browser inside, but you will need to jump through a fair number of hoops and perform […]

Is the iPod becoming less popular these days?
When it comes to listening to our music on the go, and before the emergence of smartphones, there was a good chance you would see someone on the street sporting an iPod or the Zune MP3 player, or even an iRiver. However all of that has changed, especially with smartphones these days sporting the ability (and the capacity) to play our songs while on the go, which means that unless […]


iRiver Vanilla and iRiver TAB spotted
iRiver might not be that huge outside of Korea, but they certainly have enough domestic momentum going for the company back home, with someone having managed to snag a couple of images for iRiver’s maiden Android-powered smartphone, the I-L1 (or iRiver Vanilla if that’s far more memorable), and the new Android-powered tablet known as the iRiver TAB, or ILT-MX100 if you so prefer model numbers.The iRiver Vanilla will sport a […]

iRiver Story HD supports Google eBookstore
Google’s foray into the tablet market isn’t only limited to the Android operating system – no sir, as the Internet search giant has just announced that they have partnered with iRiver in rolling out the first e-reader device to date that has integrated Google eBookstore support. It is rather strange as to why Google decided to work with iRiver – the latter isn’t exactly a stellar performer when it comes […]

iRiver P8 rolls out in Mother Russia
Portable media players used to be all the rage, until smartphones caught up with the game and changed everything. Take a look at even your mid-range smartphone today – surely with its full touchscreen display, you are able to launch your favorite music videos or MP3s with but a few deft touches? This begs the question – is the dedicated portable media player an extinct device in this day and […]

iriver T9: the MP3 player with a G-sensor
Just when you thought we’d never see products other than Apple’s own being marketed with the whole “i” moniker again, the folks at iriver have just released a new MP3 player into the market. Called the iriver T9, this USB stick resembles an iPod Shuffle with a display and control pad. The Monochrome OLED display is used for navigation purposes and to show you what song is being played at […]

Iriver U100 digital audio player
Are standalone MP3 players dead? We would think so, since many of the other portable electronics out there these days are capable of playing MP3s without batting an eyelid. Perhaps the folks over at Iriver did not get the memo, as they have just made official the Iriver U100 digital audio player (DAP). Nice to know that while it is dubbed that, it will still be able to handle a […]

iRiver S100 Panorama heading to the Land of the Rising Sun
The iRiver S100 Panorama might not be debuting at the US, but all the way across the Pacific, Japan will be able to get their hands on the $199 (after conversion, of course) S100 Panorama. It is so new that it hasn’t made its mark on the global website yet, but we do know it will sport a 2.83-inch TFT display, 16GB of internal memory with the ability to expand […]

iRiver Story Touch Edition revealed
It seems that you can’t keep a good story (pardon the pun) down, and the iRiver Story Touch Edition is one such device as it was revealed over at a Chinese forum board dedicated to the devices. This will be a 6″ device that will feature an e-paper touchscreen display at 600 x 800 resolution. Apart from that, you will also find it come with 2GB of internal memory, although […]

Concept: iriver sWing MP3 Player
Nowadays, design is just as important as functionality when it comes to the creation of a successful device, and a designer has come up with a rather interesting concept, dubbed the “iriver sWing”, which is a wearable MP3 player that looks very futuristic. The design allows for the MP3 player to be folded in order to maximize its portability too. If the design does catch on, it really shouldn’t be […]

Lyumo M31 Shining and M41 Revolve portable media players
Lyumo is part of the iRiver group, where it has just rolled out a couple of 4GB portable media players in the form of the M31 Shining and M41 Revolve. The former as seen above comes with an integrated USB connector and supports both MP3 and WMA file formats, while the M41 Revolve sports a 1.7″ display alongside MP3 and WMA audio and AVI video file formats, while offering Microsoft […]

iRiver Smart HD Introduced
There aren’t too many portable media players out there that boast native Matroska support, and it seems that the iRiver Smart HD is looking to take advantage of that. Boasting support for the usual supported formats (AVI, WMV, MP4, MPG, ASF), it also supports MKV, which will be great for those of you who are ripping (or downloading) HD videos in that format. The device sports a 3.5-inch 480 x […]