NetswipeTired of having to manually enter in your credit card details each time you shop online, but don’t want to resort using auto-complete for privacy issues? Well, the folks over at Junio seem to have a solution for you. Called Netswipe, the service attempts to make credit card transactions in their bedroom similar to what they would do at a retail outlet.

Instead of having to fill up troublesome forms online, all you’ll have to do is briefly hold up your credit card in front of your webcam and then enter your CCV code after. Through secure video streaming, the credit card details are recognized and verified. No snapshot image is taken, and no data is stored on the computer used to make the payment (so it’s considered safe to use with a friend’s computer). I wonder if the system can be fooled with a high quality photograph of a credit card… hmm. Look out for online services to implement the Netswipe system later this year. Video demonstration after the break:

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