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Innotribe 2011: $100K Startup Challenge
Innotribe 2011 is an opportunity for startups in banking, payments, securities, trading, social media, big data, security, identity, mobile, small business & IT infrastructure to introduce themselves to over 9,700 banks and corporations, and win one of two $50K prizes.10 finalists will pitch to an invitation-only audience at Sibos on September 21, 2011 in Toronto. And on September 22nd, two of those companies will each be presented with a check […]

Jumio Netswipe turns your webcam into a credit card reader
Tired of having to manually enter in your credit card details each time you shop online, but don’t want to resort using auto-complete for privacy issues? Well, the folks over at Junio seem to have a solution for you. Called Netswipe, the service attempts to make credit card transactions in their bedroom similar to what they would do at a retail outlet.Instead of having to fill up troublesome forms online, […]

PayPal to use NFC for peer to peer payments
Ever since Google Wallet was launched not too long ago, it seems to have inspired the NFC-payment movement in the country, with the next company to enter the game being PayPal – one of the world’s most popular ePayment systems. Today, PayPal has just announced the launch of its NFC-enabled Android widget that lets its users make payments with their smartphones.Instead of having to log on to PayPal to authorize […]

VeriFone PAYware brings mobile payment to the tablet
Soon, big bulky cash registers might be a thing of the past. VeriFone has just revealed a new tablet-based checkout device called the VeriFone PAYware Mobile Enterprise for Tablets – a software and hardware combination that will turn tablets such as the iPad, Galaxy Tab or Xoom into a cash register.


Google Wallet officially announced
After being talked about for the past week, Google’s mobile payment system has been officially announced to the world. Called Google Wallet, this free Android app will allow users to make payments for products or services (at outlets that support the system) with an NFC-enabled mobile phone. Say goodbye to carrying cash or credit cards around – all you need to go on a shopping spree now is your phone.MasterCard, […]

American Express Serve: the next generation digital payment platform
American Express has just announced the launch of Serve, “the next generation digital payment platform.” Similar to how PayPal works, Serve acts as a middleman for consumers to purchase things online and offline – the catch is that the merchants need to accept American Express cards. Through Serve, users without credit cards or are unwilling to publish their card details online will find Serve highly convenient. Serve doesn’t have any […]

Google to introduce NFC payment systems in New York and San Francisco?
Ever since Google brought the Nexus S onto the market with NFC capabilities, they’ve been pretty quiet with the pushing of NFC-services throughout the country (other than Hotspot they haven’t been doing much). But now it looks like they’re back on track with NFC again. According to a report from Bloomberg, the search engine giant will be testing a mobile-payment service at stores in New York and San Francisco sometime […]