Do you own an HTC EVO 3D or HTC Sensation 4G? Well, if you have long gazed into the technological horizon, hoping to catch a glimpse of the official HTC MHL-to-HDMI adapter, we are glad to announce that all of your waiting has come to an end – no longer do you need to drum your fingers on the table while you display plenty of patience. Amazon will be selling the MHL-to-HDMI adapter for a mere $29.99, which is $10 cheaper compared to what Sprint is offering.

Other vendors such as Expansys USA has put up the adapter for sale at $38.99, but on the other hand, they also tote a $16.99 generic 5 pin MHL cable that some folks have claimed it works just as well on HTC’s Android-powered smartphones.

Well, I guess it really depends on whether you want to take the generic or original route – perhaps for something as minor as this, going generic ain’t such a bad idea after all. It isn’t to say our economy is booming and everyone is swimming in money anyways, so as long as there is an opportunity to save money, why not?

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