Swiftkey Tablet X with Split Key layout - theme dark

Swiftkey Tablet X with Split Key layout - theme dark


SwiftKey is a predictive typing app for smartphones, launched a year ago on the Android Market, and it counts now over one million downloads. Today, TouchType is releasing Swiftkey X, the new version for Android smartphones that features an updated version of the AI engine that analyzes and learns users’ typing habits (Fluency 2.0), cloud learning which monitors how users type on Gmail, Twitter and Facebook by scanning the feeds (users opt-in in the settings), supports 22 languages and up to 3 languages in simultaneous use (that is the feature I was waiting for!), typing precision optimization (tailored to each user), support for various look and feel themes of keyboard and more…

Users can also get Swiftkey Tablet X for the Android tablets, with the similar features and a clever keyboard layout nicknamed “Split Key”that allows thumb typing (see picture above)

SwiftKey Tablet X - regular keyboard layout Light theme

SwiftKey Tablet X - regular keyboard layout with Light theme

SwiftKey X supports all Android 2.x smartphones and costs $3.99. SwiftKey Tablet X all Android 2.x/3.x tablets and costs $4.99, downloadable from the Android Market and Amazon Appstore. You can get each  application for a discounted price ($1.99) during the next 48 hours.

I tried the new application briefly both on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and on an Android smartphone, the accuracy of the word prediction is impressive, especially when rapidly switching between two languages in the same sentence! The “split key” layout is innovative and enables fast typing with the thumbs, you just need to get used to the key positions.

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