If you’ve used SwiftKey, I’m pretty sure you know how well it can learn all your typing habits and favorite words to use when typing – but in order to get SwiftKey up to that level, it takes weeks, and maybe months before it becomes the perfect keyboard. But the folks over at TouchType LTD have decided to get rid of the learning process with their new version of the keyboard – SwiftKey X.

In case you’re not familiar with SwiftKey, it is an alternative keyboard for Android phones that speeds up your typing with prediction-based input. The keyboard picks up all the special and uncommon words you frequently use and stores it in its library, offering them as word suggestions the next time you begin to spell the word. SwiftKey X gets rid of the learning process by tapping into your Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter account to by itself (of course you have to grant it the permission to access those accounts). In addition to pre-learning what you’ve already typed, the keyboard continues picking up new words you enter each day.

If you’re frustrated with your current keyboard and Swype doesn’t cut it for you, why not give this keyboard a try – who knows, you might never let it go. SwiftKey X is available now as a beta app, but if you’re not into beta testing or having SwitfKey read your personal data, you can get the regular SwiftKey for $1.99 on the Android Market right now. A free trial of SwiftKey is also available for those who like to try before they buy. Find out more at the official SwiftKey website.

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