Symform logoEver wanted to have 100GB of free cloud storage space? You could either invite a lot of people onto DropBox to bump up your storage space or you could check out Symform’s latest cloud storage solution. For a limited time the company is giving away 100GB of cloud storage space to consumers, business organizations, service providers, IT professionals – and basically people who need loads of storage space online. By now if you’re wondering, “what’s the catch?” you’re on the right track.

The catch is: you have to give up 150GB of your own local storage space on a device that’s always connected to the internet. Because Symform doesn’t rely on central servers to store your files, it makes use of a technology called RAID-96 that geographically distributes, encrypts and stores its data on hard drives taking part in the program. This means that whatever you store online is broken up into 96 parts and then stored in 96 different computers all over the world. This form of storage is also said to upload and download 50 times faster than if you were using a centralized data center.

Now you’re probably thinking that it’s not so “free” anymore. When you consider the bandwidth required to maintain this connection (not everybody has an unlimited cap and you don’t even know how often data will be accessed or stored on your device) and the fact that anybody can just quit the service one day – taking along with them the bits of data stored on their local hard disks. And the fact that you contribute 150GB for 100GB – wouldn’t it be better to set up your own computer to be your own personal cloud server?

But hey, if you’re fine with these drawbacks and you really need the 100GB of cloud storage, head over to Symform’s website to check it out.

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