In what seems like an ironic situation, a draft horse is being used in Vermont to lay fiber-optic cables that will be used for internet access. It’s like how “old” technology is being used to install newer technology, but the reasoning behind it is far from ironic, but instead quite practical.

Governor Peter Shumlin has vowed to get Vermont entirely wired for broadband and cell phones and we’re guessing when he said entirely, he meant literally the entire of Vermont. Claude Desmarais, aged 66, along with his horse 14 years of age, have been an indispensable source to cable and phone-service provider FairPoint Communications, as they both are able to make it up to areas along the country roads where utility trucks may find it difficult to access.

Residents apparently are for the idea of using a horse team to lay the cables, rather than a bunch of bulldozers which we’re guessing will create a mess and add to noise pollution. So not is Vermont advancing forward with more coverage of internet access and cell phones, but it looks like they’re going about it a green way too. Seems like a win-win situation.

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