We looked at the AutoWed wedding machine a couple of months ago that brought technology into the sacred wedding ceremony, and today, we bring you news of another tech-infused wedding. A couple from Houston were wedded by a computer, after Miguel Hanson could not manage to enlist the help of his friend to serve as a minister at his wedding. Miguel and bride Wesley then decided to turn towards the impartial computer to do the job.

Hanson and Miguel’s wedding guests will have a 30″ computer monitor show off an animated face and synthesized voice to get the job done. Known as Rev. Bit (cute), he will also perform all the other pleasantries such as greeting guests, making sure the ceremony runs without a hitch and hopefully, won’t freeze up during the big occasion.

Rev. Bit will also say the following, “If anyone here has anything to say that might change their minds or has any objections, they do not want to hear it and I will not recognize your objections since Miguel has programmed me to only recognize his commands.”

What next?

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