Ikea is planning to bring the concept of near-reality virtual wedding to life, the company has launched “Wedding Online” service, which allows couples to arrange a virtual wedding ceremony in a location of their choice ( the background basically).

So, you must be wondering how it works? Well, the whole setup is a virtual facade, which is actually a background image on which live webcam feed is played. The invited people to the virtual wedding just need to put on their webcams and it will fix their face on the body of the people that are in the image.

Bride and Groom can choose the dress of their choice in the background image and their webcam video face will be set on the chosen image. It will only stream face’s video, so nobody would see if you’re in actual dress or pajamas. As of now, the Wedding Online is available in Swedish only, but, you can easily access it and carb your curiosity to see how the online wedding works.

The service will come as a boon to the long distance couples who can’t be physically with each other due to some hindrances, but want to get married online and make it a memorable one. The service provides a good virtual feel of a wedding ceremony, with the background of a proper wedding ceremony. Ikea’s idea to create a cute virtual wedding is a welcome move towards enhanced online video interaction experience, in fact, it can take it to a different level.

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