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Ikea Is Turning Online Weddings Into A Better Virtual Experience
Ikea is planning to bring the concept of near-reality virtual wedding to life, the company has launched “Wedding Online” service, which allows couples to arrange a virtual wedding ceremony in a location of their choice ( the background basically).

Donkey Kong Projected Onto A Wedding Cake Is Completely Playable
We know while you’re in the middle of celebrating your new marriage to your significant other, the last thing that should be on your mind is how you can get a quick game of Donkey Kong in during the festivities. Well, Posh Entertainment has come up with a way for you to be able to play Donkey Kong on your wedding cake as they use a 3-D mapped projector to […]

Wedding Live Streams Reach Nearly 20,000 Broadcasts In One Year
Live-stream weddings have become more popular over the last year as nearly 20,000 broadcasts took place.

Internet Proxy Weddings On The Rise
My wife and I will soon be celebrating our one-year wedding anniversary next month, and one of the last things we both would have considered would be to get hitched through a webcam, or better known as a proxy wedding. But apparently this method of matrimony is increasing in both its frequency and controversy.According to a story published by The New York Times, proxy weddings have brought up the questions […]


Wedding attendance made possible via iPad
How many ways can you think of using an iPad creatively? Apart from conjuring an iPad Head Girl, how about using the iPad as a gateway of sorts so that a bridesmaid is able to be in attendance as well? That is what happened at the wedding of Jonathan Alberico and Jamie Wilborn, where one of the bridesmaids made it virtually over the iPad.The bubbly bride Jaime said, “Renee called […]

Leica Guy gets married, has Leica themed wedding
Don’t you just love it when two souls come together as one in a beautiful wedding? Well, what do you expect from someone who calls himself “The Leica Guy” as he gets hitched to the other love of his life? Surely a Leica-themed wedding is on the cards, and he has a cool looking M9 wedding cake which seemed too good to eat.

Computer weds couple
We looked at the AutoWed wedding machine a couple of months ago that brought technology into the sacred wedding ceremony, and today, we bring you news of another tech-infused wedding. A couple from Houston were wedded by a computer, after Miguel Hanson could not manage to enlist the help of his friend to serve as a minister at his wedding. Miguel and bride Wesley then decided to turn towards the […]

AutoWed wedding machine eliminates the need for a priest
If you’d like to get married in the future, we might not need a priest anymore. The folks over at Concept Shed recently came up with a very interesting machine called the AutoWed: a novelty contraption that performs the role of a priest in a marriage. Users input their particulars, press the appropriate buttons on the machine to make their decisions, and get wed by the machines. It even gives […]

Super Mario-themed proposal is surprisingly romantic
For this week’s installment of uber-geeky news, we have a video clip of a guy proposing to his girlfriend (who happens to be a hardcore fan of the plumber extraordinaire, Super Mario). He decorated the walls of the living room where the proposal was going to happen with paintings of the Mushroom Kingdom, and its inhabitants. Upon his girlfriend entering the room, the guy asks her to hit the question […]

Google wants to help you plan your wedding
Do you think that Google is trying to integrate itself too much into our lives? Well, you might not want to hear this, but Google has rolled out a dedicated site to help you create your own wedding site, edit photos and plan the wedding using Google’s tools, such as Sites, Docs and Picnik. To get everything running smoothly, the search giant teamed up with wedding planner Michelle Rago for […]

Lighted Wedding Dress
We couldn’t have been more clairvoyant to have hinted at an OLED wedding dress, and this comes close – e-Textile artist Alison Lewis came up with the Lighted Wedding Dress which she painstakingly created for a friend. The lighting component is located right under the skirt which in turn is hooked to a row of snaps to the interior of the dress, allowing one to turn the lighting feature on […]