You know, there was no need for facial recognition technology for apes in The Rise of the Planet of the Apes when it came to identifying Caesar – this ringleader certainly knew how to get to the top of the command chain with his wit and allies from the ape world, and boy, was he one charismatic ape. It seems that facial recognition programs are now run to help park rangers identify chimpanzees and gorillas during the course of their work. This software would go some way in making it easier to keep count on the number of wildlife so that a better protection plan can be formulated.

Cameras abound in the field to shoot elusive wildlife creatures, but without a facial recognition system in place, it can get quite hard to tell whether you are looking at the same animal or not. With this kind of technology and software, researchers and scientists can save hours from analyzing pictures from video and photo traps, where these animals can then be identified automatically.

So far, the technology is not foolproof, since the success rate stands at 83%, but with more work done on it, we do hope to see the rate increase accordingly.

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