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Your Face Data Is Worth $5 To Google
Any software that uses facial recognition requires an ample amount of data to properly train the AI that runs it. Data collection is something that Google has always been quite good at but in what appears to be an attempt to train the AI possibly for face unlock on its upcoming Pixel 4, Google is reportedly giving $5 gift cards to people for their facial data.

Oakland City Council Votes To Ban Facial Recognition Technology Use
The Oakland City Council has passed an ordinance which bans city agencies from using facial recognition technology. This makes Oakland the third city in the country to pass such legislation. The ordinance was passed unanimously by members of the city council which goes to show that they’re of the same mind regarding this.

ICE And FBI Mine Driver License Photos For Facial Recognition
The FBI and the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement have reportedly been mining driver’s license photos for facial recognition. They are said to have used facial recognition software on millions of driver’s license photos provided by 21 states in order to search and find suspects. It’s added that the agencies have often been doing this without first obtaining a search warrant or even a court order.

San Francisco Could Be First To Ban Facial Recognition By The City
Facial recognition is increasingly touted as the solution for security problems but the technology does get criticized by rights activists, particularly when large-scale deployment is considered in public spaces where citizens who have done nothing wrong are captured by facial recognition tech as well. It’s now possible that San Francisco could become the first city in the United States to ban the use of facial recognition by the city.


Apple Responds To $1 Billion Facial Recognition Lawsuit
Apple has been sued by a teen who claims that the company’s facial recognition led to his false arrest. The claim is that Apple used facial recognition software in its retail stores to arrest the wrong person for the theft. Apple has responded to the matter, saying that it doesn’t use facial recognition software in its stores.

No, NYC Subway Isn't Using 'Real-Time Face Recognition'
New York Times analyst Alice Fung tweeted a photo recently which shows a rather large monitor with the words “Please Pay Your Fare” and the warning “RECORDING IN PROGRESS” on a video feed of subway commuters. Fund asked if the MTA was sharing this recording with anyone, prompting concerns that it was doing real-time facial recognition of commuters. The MTA has now clarified that this isn’t the case.

Facial Recognition To Be Used On 97% Of Departing Passengers In Four Years
The Department of Homeland Security estimates that it will use facial recognition technology on 97 percent of departing passengers within the next four years. The system photographs passengers before they board their flight and it was first rolled out in 2017. The Biometric Exit is already in use at 15 airports in the United States.

Brooklyn Landlord To Install Facial Recognition Tech At Rent-Stabilized Complex
Tenants and housing rights attorneys have expressed their concern at the intention of a Brooklyn landlord to install facial recognition technology at the entrance of a rent-stabilized complex with around 700 units. Tenants and attorneys feel that this is a far-reaching form of digital surveillance.

London's Met Police To Test Facial Recognition Technology
It’s not surprising to hear about facial recognition technology being used to identify and track people that may be wanted by the law. A recent report claimed that the technology was even used at a Taylor Swift concert to track her stalkers. London’s Met Police is also trying out facial recognition technology for a limited time to search for people wanted by the law.

Facial Recognition System For 2020 Tokyo Olympics Revealed
Expect to see a lot of modern technology being widely used if you pop down to Tokyo for the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. A self-driving car service is already being prepared for the major event and now the facial recognition system which will be used to ensure that everything runs smoothly has been revealed. NEC will provide this large-scale facial recognition system for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Chinese School Will Use Facial Recognition To Catch Napping Students
We have all napped in class at some point in our lives but that’s going to get harder for students at one high-tech school in China. The high school students will find it difficult to doze off in class because the school will be using artificially intelligent cameras with sophisticated facial recognition tools to find out if a student is not paying attention.

Welsh Police's Facial Recognition System Has A 90% False Positive Rate
It’s not uncommon for complex technologies such as facial recognition systems to have false positive rates but they’re ideally very low. Such a system would be very ineffective if it had a false positive rate of 90 percent but that’s precisely what the Welsh police’s system has.

Singapore Airport May Find Late Passengers Using Facial Recognition
We’ve all sat in an airplane wondering why it’s not taking off only to find that the delay has been caused on a fellow passenger who decided to turn up at the gate later than they should have. Now perhaps that passenger just got lost or they got too distracted at the duty free shops but such delays may no longer be experienced by passengers flying out of Singapore’s Changi […]

iPhone X Face Data Can Be Shared With Developers
Apple unveiled the iPhone X last month. The flagship smartphone comes with a new security feature called Face ID. It uses facial recognition technology to control access to the device. To calm privacy fears, Apple said during the announcement that all of the face data is stored securely on the device itself. However, some privacy experts are concerned about Apple sharing some facial data with app developers.

Facebook Testing Facial Recognition For Account Recovery
Facial recognition is no longer something that you see in science fiction movies or only in specialized industries. We have smartphones on the market right now that put facial recognition technology into your pocket, look no further than the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 from Samsung. Apple’s iPhone X that’s due next month also touts this technology. So we’ll see increased use of this technology in the future which […]

iPhone 8 Facial Recognition Feature Gets Rumored Again
We’re still a long way from the fall when Apple traditionally launches new iPhones. Even though there have been some rumors to the contrary, many are still expecting Apple to unveil the iPhone 8 in September this year. Rumors about the new iPhone’s features don’t show any signs of stopping, we’re seeing some repeat every couple of weeks. The latest concerns iPhone 8’s facial recognition feature.

Android Pay Loyalty Program Authentication To Use Facial Recognition
Android Pay makes it very easy to load up your loyalty cards and make use of them on the go but it appears that Google is thinking of an experimental feature to make the process easier and faster. The latest version of the Android Pay app has revealed that Google is working on a feature called Visual ID which will allow users to authenticate loyalty points based on facial recognition.

Lecturer Uses Facial Recognition To Detect Bored Students
Facial recognition is a handy tool when it comes to security, such as identifying authorized users. It can also be used in criminal cases where authorities can use the technology to try and locate suspects on the run, or identify terrorists. However over in China, a Chinese university lecturer has opted to use the technology to detect students that are bored.

Facebook's Facial Recognition Tech Can Recognize You Without Looking At Your Face
The term facial recognition implies that the technology has to look at your face in order to discern who you are, but that’s no longer the case with Facebook’s facial recognition technology, an iteration of which is already live on the world’s largest social network allowing users to tag themselves or their friends automatically in photos. Facebook’s head of artificial intelligence has said that the company’s facial recognition technology is so […]

Alibaba To Use Facial Recognition For Authorizing Payments
Fingerprint sensors are increasingly being used in smartphones not only for access control but also for enabling payments authorization whether for physical products or online payments. Chinese ecommerce behemoth Alibaba also plans on using smartphones for this purpose but it’s taking a slightly different route. Alibaba plans to use facial recognition technology to let users authorize payments.