“The Da Vinci Code” has certainly had its fair share of controversies since it was released – first as a book, followed by the movie. Well, it seems as though those who want to view the manuscripts of Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Arundel can now do so in high definition goodness on the iPad. This is made possible as the British Library decidedly rolls out their “e-book treasures” series.

Basically, the Italian manuscript that was written in Da Vinci’s characteristic “mirror writing”, comprises of a slew of notes, drawings and short treatises on a variety of subjects that range from the physical properties of water, all the way to descriptions concerning a prehistoric sea monster (Nessie, perhaps?)

You can get as close as you like to the Codex, and you can be sure that your fingerprints won’t smudge the Codex in any way. This means you can also be a slob with a whole large pizza and not worry about getting grease on that ancient manuscript. We look forward to the non-iPad version of the Codex rolling out.

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