Good news game developers! If you’ve always wanted to develop 3D games for devices such as the LG Optimus 3D and the HTC EVO 3D, at IFA 2011 which will be happening in Berlin come 2nd of September until the 7th of September, LG will be unveiling what they’re claiming to be the “world’s first” 3D game conversion engine for smartphones.

Making 3D games sounds pretty good and especially if 3D does not turn out to be a fad and becomes widely adopted, 3D games will definitely help set games apart from their 2D competitors (although gameplay and other factors are taken into account). Unfortunately not all developers are blessed with the tools, resources or the know-how to go about creating 3D games, which is why LG’s 3D game conversion engine seems like there may be a sudden flood of 3D games in the Android Market.

The convertor is expected to be released in the first Maintenance Release for the Optimus 3D, which is scheduled for October. Unfortunately as to when exactly, that all depends on the carriers.

How this works on the user’s end is that they have to enable the convertor, which will then scan the game to see if it has been optimized for 3D. If it has then the user should be able to play 2D games in 3D, if not the settings will have to be adjusted manually.

Unfortunately as we do not have any developer experience or knowledge, we can’t speak on what needs to be done on the developer’s end of things, and we’re not sure if this will be able to work on the EVO 3D, although by right it should. Either way for those who enjoy 3D games should be able to look out for about 50 optimized 2D games come October.

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