Ever come across those giant Nexus S replicas at Best Buy and Best Buy mobile stores? Have you ever wondered what it would be like, or if it was even possible to root that giant display? Well as it turns out, a YouTube user who goes by the handle halfcab123, beat you to it.

The story goes like this – halfcab123 made a trip to the Best Buy store in his area because he was experiencing some issues with his Nexus S, and while waiting for his device to get repaired, he thought it would be fun to see if he could root the giant Nexus S that was on display.

It turns out that he was successful as he pointed out in the Superuser icon, and also the ability to run as superuser on terminal emulator, as further proof that the device was indeed rooted. Unfortunately he did not manage to record how he went about rooting the giant display, as his Nexus S (which he used to record the aftermath video) was being repaired at that time.

Check out the video below as he gives you a “tour” of the rooted giant Nexus S display.

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