Meizu was one of the first companies to roll out what they call the iPhone killer with their Meizu M8, although the device was a total failure when it came to living up to expectations, and most people would have thought that the company would probably wind up from thence. Well, Meizu is still around, and they aren’t going to give up the fight to break up the iPhone’s strong performance globally, what with the Meizu MX being announced to ship at the end of September. It will come in a 16GB dual-core model, and if you want far more firepower, then you would do well to keep your wallet open for the 32GB quad-core version.

The Meizu M9 is the predecessor to the MX, where it ran on Android 2.2 Froyo – but the MX intends to bring things to a totally new level, perhaps to challenge the iPhone 5? Hopefully it will be far better than the hiPhone 5, and a quad-core processor on a phone sounds like overkill – what do you think? After all, how many software developers are actually going to write code which takes advantage of all four cores, and if the answer is very few, the trade-off might not be worth the effort.

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