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Meizu MX Review (Quad-core)
Most people in the USA have never heard of Meizu, and that’s because it is a Chinese company that has not yet entered the U.S market. However, they have made a name for themselves abroad by launching this cute quad-core phone: the Meizu MX.The name stands for “M10” and it was unveiled in December of 2011, then was launched several times in 2012 in a dual-core, then quad-core version. It […]

Meizu MX 4-core is new name for quad-core smartphone
Meizu was one of the first few companies to come up with what they call the iPhone killer, although it is without a doubt that Meizu failed in its objective. I am quite surprised to see the smartphone company last all the way till today, as I still have not seen any of my friends carry a single Meizu device all these years. Surely someone out there has been using […]

Meizu MX quad-core announced
Meizu is first off the blocks with what they deem as the world’s first smartphone which will run on the quad-core Exynos A9 processor thanks to the Meizu MX quad-core smartphone, and this particular smartphone is set to arrive in world markets later this June. Just what does the MX quad-core deliver with the Exynos A9 processor? For starters, it is said to have been optimized, lowering CPU power consumption […]

Quad-core Meizu MX expected in May 2012?
The Meizu MX smartphone may never reach our shores, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be improved. According to rumors online, the there is a new Meizu MX phone in the works, and it is touted to pack a quad-core processor. Doesn’t seem strange or too surprising since quad-core devices are a natural step forward, especially when you take into account that quad-core tablets are already here (ASUS Transformer […]


Meizu MX given the hands-on treatment
A few days ago, the Meizu MX was officially announced, and while it won’t be released until January 1st, 2012 – it looks like we’ll be able to get a quick preview of the phone thanks to the folks over at Engadget. Earlier today they got their hands on the device and posted a quick write up about the self-proclaimed “iPhone killer”. And judging by first impressions, the Meizu MX […]

Meizu MX unveiled
It seems that the successor to the first self-proclaimed iPhone killer has finally arrived, where it is known as the Meizu MX. Why MX? There is a very special reason for such a naming convention, since it will borrow the first two letters from the Chinese characters of the word “dream,” or “Meng Xiang”. I guess you can pretty much guess where we’re heading – the Meizu MX is going […]

Meizu MX revealed in more images
While the Meizu MX Android smartphone will probably never make it to our shores, that doesn’t stop us from looking and drooling over pictures of the phone right? The upcoming quad-core processor phone from Meizu has recently been spotted in new rendered images, which are a whole lot sexier than the previously spotted black and white, for-the-FCC illustration. The phone is rumored to launch in China next month, and could […]

Meizu MX: Which Quad-Core Chip Inside?
The Meizu Forums (in Chinese) is buzzing because Jack Wong (Meizu’s CEO) said that the upcoming Meizu MX was going to use a quad-core system on a chip (SoC / processor) to power its user experience. We wonder which vendor is currently used in this “dream phone” as Meizu puts it.Right now, FreeScale, Qualcomm and NVIDIA have announced quad-core chips, so could the Meizu MX be powered by NVIDIA’s Kal-El […]

Meizu MX quad-core smartphone set for September release
Meizu was one of the first companies to roll out what they call the iPhone killer with their Meizu M8, although the device was a total failure when it came to living up to expectations, and most people would have thought that the company would probably wind up from thence. Well, Meizu is still around, and they aren’t going to give up the fight to break up the iPhone’s strong […]

Meizu MX ready to ship
Meizu was one of the first few names ever cited when it came to an iPhone clone, but it never really took the world’s imagination by storm. We’re guessing that while imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, consumer electronics users do not really appreciate such a stance, and would very much prefer purchasing a handset that is radically different in terms of form factor or operating system. One of […]