Rumor has it that World of Warcraft will be getting a new expansion pack. Surely you would know by now that Blizzard has not quite yet milked this particular cash cow dry yet, right? After all, this gaming company certainly has its fair share of cash cows to begin with, what with the Diablo, Starcraft and Warcraft franchises to take care of. Well, those who have not logged into World of Warcraft for the longest time already simply because there isn’t anything left behind to conquer or discover, here is a rumor that the next World of Warcraft expansion pack will be known as Mists of Pandaria, at least according to a trademark that was filed on July 28th.

If this rumor turns out to be the gospel truth, then the next expansion will most probably play host to the race known as the Pandarens. Pandarens did not make that much of a splash in the past, apart from being part of several Blizzard’s April Fool’s jokes. Blizzard has nothing to say about it at press time simply because there is no need to – after all, this is but a rumor.

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