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The Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay Footage Leaks
We know Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls Online is expected to be released sometime this year as just a few months ago, they started accepting beta users to partake in the fun. Up until now, we’ve seen a number of screenshots and a teaser trailer, but this is the first time we’re seeing direct in-game footage of The Elder Scrolls Online, thus making it a very big deal.The leaked footage from The Elder Scrolls […]

EverQuest is now free-to-play
All good things must come to an end, but I suppose before the MMORPG (Massively Multilayer Online Role Playing Game) known as EverQuest (same call it EverCrack in it’s heyday) still has some life left it in. In fact, it has been a good 13 years since the original EverQuest went online, making it one of the longest running subscription-based MMORPG to date. In order to celebrate its 13th anniversary, […]

Age of Wulin MMORPG in-game item sells for $16,000 at auction
Free-to-play and some pay-to-play MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft usually come with a game store from which players can purchase “perks”. These include items such as in-game mounts, pets, weapons, skill slots, etc. The prices may range from anywhere but they’re usually in the “reasonable” range although upcoming MMO, Age of Wulin, may have just taken the cake.

Guild Wars 2: Mesmer profession confirmed by ArenaNet
A while back, a gaming website in Europe leaked a video of the new Mesmer profession in Guild Wars 2. The video has since been removed but thanks to a tweet by none other than ArenaNet themselves, the good news for Guild War 2 fans is that yes – the Mesmer profession is official.


Star Wars: The Old Republic early access to begin 13th December
Good news MMO fans, if you have been eagerly anticipating EA and Bioware’s MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, according to Inc Gamers, the game appears to have its early access date move up to the 13th of December, a good two days before its original date that was originally slated for the 15th of December.

Final Fantasy XIV returns to paid subscription model in January 2012
Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV started off with good intentions, amazing graphics and what appeared to be rather promising gameplay. Unfortunately after it was launched it was met with bug, after bug, after bug, that the company decided that in order to retain their player base, they would offer free subscriptions. It was never meant to be a permanent solution and it looks like if you have been enjoying FF14 […]

Mists of Pandaria is next World of Warcraft expansion?
Rumor has it that World of Warcraft will be getting a new expansion pack. Surely you would know by now that Blizzard has not quite yet milked this particular cash cow dry yet, right? After all, this gaming company certainly has its fair share of cash cows to begin with, what with the Diablo, Starcraft and Warcraft franchises to take care of. Well, those who have not logged into World […]

No more will it be, Star Wars Galaxies
A black hole is set to swallow up Star Wars Galaxies this coming December 15th – as Sony announced that they will be shutting down that online game after sending out emails to players as well as via messages which were posted on the game’s support forums and website. According to Sony, this closure is not because of the lack of popularity, but rather, due to its contract to run […]

Insane Computer Setup Allows You To Game All By Yourself
The lengths that some folks will go to in order to achieve success in online gaming is amazing, and sometimes you just can’t help but applaud them for their effort. The setup pictured above was put together by Zhek Kromtor, and it’s a rig that allows him to play multiple sessions of EVE Online at the same time, 12 of them to be exact, thanks to the multi-mouse and multi-keyboard […]