While most of us are fortunate enough to own several gadgets, there are some people out there in the world who do not even own a phone, let alone a tablet or smartphone, and Africa is such a region. Thanks to the efforts of the United Nations and technology firm Movirtu, the majority of the three million poor people in Africa and South Asia will be getting low cost mobile phone numbers.

It seems that in a typical scenario, a mobile phone number is rare and it usually has to be shared among family members and even neighbors, but with the new initiative, the people will given cloud-based mobile phone numbers each, allowing them to log in with any mobile phone and make/receive calls with their very own unique number.

Movirtu plans to bring this technology to at least 12 markets within Africa and South Asia by early 2013, with the goal of giving at least 50 million people in both continents access to the technology and targeting 3 million users who will be using it on a regular basis.

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