Establishing a good habit is always essential if you want to bring someone up the right way, and there is nothing quite like starting that someone from young. The Pac-Man Moneybox is a good place to start – at least it has the allure of an iconic video game character to capture the attention of your little one, and dropping coins into it would elicit the trademark “wakka-wakka” sound that we have all come to know and love.

Retailing for £14.99 a pop, the Pac-Man Moneybox is powered by a trio of AAA batteries – if there are no batteries inserted, or said batteries have already reached the end of their lives, then you can still stash away the relevant amount of coins, but your ears will just have to forfeit the classic Pac-Man sounds.

What are the other kinds of moneyboxes that you think you would like to see, especially in the vein of video game characters or personalities?

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