3D movies with the red/blue glasses have been around, although we think that it was probably James Cameron’s Avatar that really kickstarted the whole 3D movie craze. Well if you’re interested in creating your own 3D movies, Panasonic has revealed a dual-lens 3D camcorder, the HDC-Z10000.

Based on the photo we’re thinking that is definitely semi-professional/professional grade, and along with the model number that features a lot of zeros, we have a strong suspicion that the price will also reflect the same amount of figures as the model number.

The Z10000 will be featuring a pair of Panasonic’s 3MOS sensors that are behind two f1.5 12x optical zoom lenses (32mm-384mm). While it is touted as being a 3D camcorder, we’re guessing that perhaps lack of technology may have resulted in the camera’s 3D mode to only allow for zoom up to 10x, and with optical stabilization said to be perform better while shooting in 2D mode.

Interestingly the camera will feature a glasses-free 3D capable LCD screen, which means you will be able to playback your 3D clips in 3D without the need to upload it to a compatible device, i.e. Panasonic’s VIERA 3D TV. Like we mentioned earlier, given the features and specs of the Z10000, do not expect it to come cheap. Unfortunately pricing and availability is unknown for now; perhaps more will be known at IFA.

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