Standalone Portable Hard Drive Duplicator

StarTech has announced the launch of its latest Standalone Portable Hard Drive Duplicator – a multi-purpose data storage solution that enables users to make exact duplicates of their SATA hard drives without the use of a PC. For those times when you don’t need to copy hard drives, it works as a connector for people to connect bare SATA drives to a desktop or laptop computer through eSATA or USB.

It is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, which means you’ll be able to bring it with you everywhere you go. Perfect for those espionage missions where you have to sneak into a high security office and don’t want to be burdened by carrying heavy equipment – or if you’re a service technician or professional who just needs a duplicator while on the go.

The Standalone Portable Hard Drive Duplicator is available now for $77.99 and can be purchased from StarTech’s website.

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