Scam artists have been around for the longest time in human history, and it does not look as though this particularly cunning nature of humans is going to be bred out anytime soon. A 22-year old lady from South Carolina would probably learn a lesson she would never forget this week after she forked out $180 for an “iPad” that was sold by a man with a gold tooth, with his car trunk as the storage space of choice for his wares.

Said lady was making her way out of a McDonald’s restaurant in Spartansburg, South Carolina, when she crossed paths with a couple of gentlemen who touted new iPads from the back of white Chevy Impala. They apparently had additional iPads in stock because they acquired them in bulk, and wanted to resell them to make some money. Opening the price at $300 a pop, the lady probably thought she walked away with a good deal after haggling the price down to just $180, hence receiving her iPad in a sealed FedEx shipping box.

When she went home and ripped open the box, she realized she’d been duped – where she realized she just purchased an extremely expensive plank of wood that has been painted black, complete with an Apple logo glued to the back and some pictures on either side. Guess it always pays to check out your merchandise before walking away from the counter. Who would have thought that a piece of wood would be nearly twice the price of a HP TouchPad?

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