I don’t know about you, but the Akitio hard drive enclosure that you see above here is certainly quite the character, being extremely pleasing to the eyes while boasting a charisma that enables it to “talk” to all forms of devices regardless of what they are thanks to its amazing range of connectivity options. We’re talking about eSATA, USB 3.0 and a couple of FireWire 800 ports – so speedy data transfer options are clearly not an issue here, except for those who want to rock to a Thunderbolt connection, of course.

Also known as the SK-3501 Super-S3, this stackable device is fanless and sports a perforated front panel and heat sink to deliver all the cool air that the hard drive inside needs to prevent it from overheating. $150 might be a wee bit steep for a hard drive enclosure without any hard drive inside, but at least you know that this is something aesthetically pleasing and will be future-proof to a certain extent.

Definitely not meant for those who are on a tight budget for sure.

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